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Manufacturers catalogues

DomuS3D® is the Official Design and Estimating Software used by most important Tiles Manufacturers all over the world. Manufacturers provide themselves, too, the design platform to their retailers network, in order to help their customers giving a better service to the end-user.
Hence, it is so important to have the Manufacturer's catalogued up-to-date all year long, as they become users' first tools in order to be efficient when showing new materials, and the way they can be used.
Maticad is constantly involved in keeping in touch with the Manufacturers, so that DomuS3D® users can benefit of a wide range of updated libraries, which can be downloaded directly within the application (if an Internet connection is available and the user has activated the related service)
Here follows a list of Manufacturers for which it is possible to receive items catalogue (supported versions are 2011, 2012, Antares, Pegasus).
Please, contact in case you need to receive non-listed catalogues, as our Cat. Department is always involved in setting up new libraries for the application.