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Single License

The single-user license is activated using a USB dongle. The software can be installed on more than one computer, but can only be used on a computer that has the dongle inserted, and therefore, on only one computer at a time.

If you want to continue working on a different computer than the one you are currently using, you can save and export your project package and copy it to another computer. By closing the program and removing the dongle, you can insert it into another computer and easily continue working on your project.

If, however, more than one person must be able to work simultaneously, it is necessary to purchase additional single licenses or a multi-user license.

A single license offers you the utmost flexibility; the USB dongle can travel with you and be used anywhere on the go (for example, with a laptop).  

Multi-user License

From the single-user version, you can scale to the multi-user version (Client/Server) that, with the gradual increase of needs and operators, is able to offer the advantages of a more integrated and professional team oriented approach.

Ideal for those who need a number of personnel working with DomuS3D® simultaneously (Client); storing all data in a single location (Server), the multi-user version allows you to work from offices that are located far from one another through a VPN (as long as the bandwidth is sufficient for adequate performance), such as the case for a company with various points of sale.

The multi-user license does not offer the same flexibility as the single-user license in terms of mobile use; the USB dongle cannot be moved from its initial location, which must be within the local network connected to both the server and the clients.


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