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Get the most out of the added features and mobile apps integrated with DomuS3D®


DomuS3D® integrates V-Ray® as one of its optional rendering engines, a product which has proven itself over the last few years to be the preferred solution for creating visualizations of photorealistic architectural and design concepts.

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DomuS3D® 360 позволяет публиковать проекты, каталоги, документы, изображения, панорамы 360 и другие материалы, реализованные с помощью DomuS3D®. Благодаря соединению с облачными сервисами, можно мгновенно делиться материалами проекта с клиентами, коллегами, мастерами и т.д.

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DomuS3D® Render Manager

Application/Service that allows you to process renderings by managing a queue with adjustable priority settings.  In workplaces with several users, it may prove convenient to have a server dedicated exclusively to the processing of renderings in order that users can send their “jobs” to the server, thereby keeping workstations free and available for design.

DomuS3D® Composer

Application that allows you to create blueprint layouts and brochures, tailored specifically to your clients, with the flexibility to interactively assemble pages using simple drag & drop tools.  Commands are available to choose the scale factor, manage the title block and insert text, notes and references.

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