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Terms & conditions

Conditions and terms of use of services:

Treatment of personal data on the websites: – – – – – of Maticad s.r.l., with legal address in Via del Novecento, 17/7 – 61122 Pesaro (PU) Tel. +39.0721.639166, Fax +39.0721.639176, e-mail:

This page includes the descriptions of the management methods for the aforementioned Websites by visitors who view the Websites.
This document on the treatment of personal data exclusively refers to the aforementioned Websites and is subject to amendments; so we invite you to refer to it periodically.

The information as follows is in regard to personal data that you provide to Maticad s.r.l. or otherwise acquired by Maticad s.r.l. through the aforementioned Websites (hereafter known as "Data"), also in accordance with article 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003.

Treatment of personal data

Treatment refers to "any operation or group of operations that are carried out, even without the use of electronic tools for data collecting, recording, organising, preserving, consulting, processing, modifying, selecting, extracting, comparing, using, interconnecting, blocking, communication, circulating, cancelling and destroying, even if the data is not recorded on a database". Personal Data refers to "any information relating to a natural person who has been identified or can be identified, even indirectly, by referring to any other information, including a personal identification number".

Treatment holder

Maticad s.r.l. is the Data treatment holder.

Treatment purposes

The Data will be subject to treatment by Maticad s.r.l., according to the limits set by the applicable legislation, for the following purposes:

  1. fulfilling obligations provided by laws, regulations and/or EC rules
  2. providing access to reserved areas, information and offers
  3. fulfilling contractual obligations for the purposes of protecting the rights and interests of Maticad s.r.l.
  4. recording and processing your requests for technical assistance
  5. responding to your candidacies as Maticad s.r.l. suppliers
  6. sending newsletters when expressly requested
  7. managing CVs and other partnership offers on your behalf

For the aforementioned purposes, the Data may also be subject to treatment by Maticad s.r.l., by the data treatment Handlers nominated by Maticad s.r.l. and/or by the Managers.

Rights of the person concerned

You may exercise your rights stipulated in article 7 of the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 with regard to Maticad s.r.l.. You may also request Maticad s.r.l. to provide further information with regard to the "rights of the person concerned" according to the Legislative Degree n. 196/2003.

Communication and circulation

The Data can also be communicated to third parties for the same aforementioned purposes. Maticad s.r.l. shall only provide information that is strictly necessary to said third parties in order for them to fulfil commercial operations or required services and Maticad s.r.l. shall not share Data with third parties in any other way, unless it has your express authorisation to do so on each separate occasion.

The Data shall not be circulated ("circulation" meaning making unspecified subjects aware of the Data).

Treatment methods

The Data Treatment shall be carried out both using electronic tools and without electronic tools, fully complying with the applicable legislation. Particularly according to article 11 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003, the Data being treated shall be:

  1. treated in a legitimate and honest manner
  2. collected and recorded for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and used in other treatment operations that are compatible with said purposes
  3. exact and, if necessary, updated
  4. relevant, complete and not excessive with regard to the purpose for which it was collected or successively treated
  5. preserved in a manner that allows the person involved to be identified for a period of time that does not exceed what is necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected or successively treated

Data Security

The Data shall be supervised to reduce the risk of data destruction or loss to a minimum, unauthorised access or unauthorised treatment, or data that does not comply with the collection purposes. The Data shall be preserved saved on a server protected by a password with limited access, placed in well-protected locations.

Transmitting data to the Company

Once received by Maticad s.r.l., the Data shall be treated in full compliance with this document and, overall, with the applicable legislation. Furthermore, as the Internet is not a safe environment, unauthorised third parties may have access to Data that you submitted via Internet, collect said Data and use it without authorisation. Also, the Data submitted via internet may be transferred beyond the national border, even if the sender and receiver are located in the same country. Therefore, the Data that you submitted via Internet may be transmitted to a country with lower data protection standards with respect to those in your country of residence. Maticad s.r.l. is not liable for the safety and integrity of the Data whilst they are transmitted to Maticad s.r.l. via Internet. In cases when you believe it to be suitable for Data protection reasons, you may communicate said Data to Maticad s.r.l. using other tools.

Links to other websites

Links to third party Websites are only provided for the user's convenience. When you connect to these websites, we recommend you read the rules that govern their use and relevant information regarding the treatment of personal data. Maticad s.r.l. shall not control and shall not be liable in any capacity for the content and/or treatment of personal data that these websites apply and/or carry out.


Potential requests/remarks regarding this document may be sent to Maticad s.r.l..

Law and Jurisdiction

The application of the conditions of use shall be governed by the substantive and procedural Italian Law.

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