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Mental Ray

Qhick help for the rendering process

DomuS3D® 2017 integrates the new version of the rendering engine: mental ray®, v. 3.14
In this page you can find useful details related to the Mode and Quality you can choose prior launching the rendeirng process.

Available Modes you can render the scene with

One of the most important sections of the rendering mask is the Mode selecttor. mental ray® 3.14 allows, in fact, to use 3 different modes: Progressive, Unified or Compatibility. 

Progressive: in Progressive mode (which is the default mode when you install the Program, and is the one Maticad suggests if you want to optimize speed during the rendering process) the engine keeps elaborating the image 'till you reach the selected quality. Nevertheless, if you want, you can specify a time limit for the process, with the group of controls available on the right of the Quality selector (we strongly suggest you to set a time limit if you are creating Jobs to be sen to Render Manager).

UnifiedUnified allows you to optimize quality as much as possible; in this case the only available parameter is the Quality selector. Engine will terminate rendering process just when the required quality level has been reached (see next paragraph).

CompatibilityCompatibility mode is the native mode in case you load a project made with a previous version of the Program. If you want to use the new engine modes with an old project, click “Restore factory parameters” button, and the Application will set the correct parameters value for the new version of the rendering engine.

Quality selection

The Comparison Tool available in this section allows you to compare different levels of quality: select the quality level for the left and right section, then move the splitter in order to note differences between the selected levels.

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