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Get quickly up to speed with all you need to know

Maticad courses, both in the classroom and online, are held by professional and qualified tutors.

WARNING: DomuS3D training courses are only reserved to users in possession of DomuS3D 2019. If you still don't have the last release, please contact your agent or call us at 0721 639166 or email us at

Basic training course

This training course teaches the basic functions of DomuS3D®, allowing you to produce simple projects on your own.

  • Layout design and management

  • Insertion of furnishing elements

  • Tiling (floors and walls), use of laying schemes

  • Virtual Navigation: Visualization and editing

  • Estimates, blueprints and project brochures

Online training Course

We can train your designers, wherever they are in the world, with specific online meeting tools and remote assistance. Our instructors are able to follow your progress and guide you throughout the entire course.

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